Combining Artists, Scientists and Health Care Professionals for The Future of Health

A Rich Collaborative Platform for Future Visions of Health

Launched by Pharmacist Berk Zafer in 2019, Hx2050 is currently being developed as a platform that aims to bring artists and scientists together for future visions of health and life sciences.

The project’s primary purpose is to support the discovery and innovation of groundbreaking health products; assistive technology products, new treatments, dosage forms, pharmaceuticals, and health-related futuristic concepts.

Many talented graphic designers, illustrators and 3D artists hold off from creating visuals related to health and medicine. They are needed to inspire scientists to develop solutions for the current challenges of human health and quality of life.

Providing guidance and collaboration, Hx2050 residents will support the next generation of designers in terms of scientific and medical understanding.

Featured Designs

Meet the Team

Berk Zafer

Pharmacist / Researcher

Kenan Akyol